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The Long Term Care Social Workers of Iowa is a statewide organization to promote the professional status of social work in long term care facilities. Our purpose is to facilitate your professional growth in long term care, offer continuing education opportunities, and provide the means by which you can enrich the lives of long term care residents and their families. To this end, our goals are:


  • Promoting Resident Advocacy

  • Enhancing Professionalism and Ethical Practice

  • Offering Educational Opportunities

  • Developing Peer Support

  • Sharing Social Work Skills

  • Monitoring and Involvement with Legislation and Regulations Affecting Long Term Care


Become part of a growing network of social workers with the same job concerns, challenges and joys as you! We welcome social workers, as well as designees, activity directors, or anyone associated with long term care.

Promoting the professional status of social workers in long term care facilities since 1988!

Long Term Care Social Workers of Iowa

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