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Lost Items

Over the past couple of years lost hearing aids, glasses and cell phones have become an increasing issue. We have a memory unit and numerous residents in various stages of dementia. Much like many other care centers I would assume. We have families that want their loved ones to have these items, which I understand. The issue is that we have residents that throw cell phone, glasses and hearing aids away, hide them or place them in a pocket that goes to the laundry. Once they are lost or destroyed, of course social services is contacted to call the family. Often families want the care center to pay to replace these items.

My question is… how do other care centers handle this? It gets very costly to replace these Items. Do other care centers replace the items or do they have some type of agreement or document that family sign that states that the care center is not responsible for lost items.

I would appreciate any guidance that you could provide. Thanks.

~ Tracy Gott, LBSW, Methodist Manor, Storm Lake

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